Helpful Tips

This is a page where you can find tricks and tips for getting around Phoenix and getting involved in the area:


How to Become a Miss America Contestant: The Local Level


The Miss America Organization has been the largest provider of scholarship assistance for young women in America for over 90 years.

Women from ages 13-24 years old can begin competing for scholarship and opportunity starting at the local level through their selected state organization.

Watch this video to learn how to become a contestant in the Miss America Organization, beginning at the local level through 5 easy steps.

For more further information about becoming a contestant visit:


How to Use the Lightrail


Watch this video for a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the Valley Metro lightrail system.

Want to travel like a true Phoenician? Try the Valley Metro Lightrail! It’s an alternative to ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft that costs less money and causes less environmental damage.

The first full trip of the day starts at 4:40 a.m. and the last train stops at 2 a.m. This large time window allows passengers to depend on the lightrail to get to work and get home, as well as travel around Phoenix on the weekend. Trains leave approximately every 12 minutes.

If you’d like more information about the operating hours or holiday schedule, visit


Downtown Phoenix Ambassadors


In this podcast I interviewed downtown Phoenix Ambassador, Guy Engard, he describes how he began working with the company and why he chose this position. This podcast can be helpful to college students because it explains just exactly what ‘the men in orange’ do.

By listening to this podcast, students at the downtown ASU campus will be able to know just exactly what resources are available to them such as parking and also events that go on for students to attend.

Ambassadors are very important to all downtown life, they can assist in the smallest ways possible, or do more than you could ever imagine listening here to get an inside look at just what this job entails.


Preparing for a Concert in Phoenix


Interested in attending a concert now? Before you have the night of your life, there are a few steps to must follow to ensure the best concert experience possible. Check them out: