Dutch Bros Donates Proceeds to Families of Lost GCU Students

BY: NISA AYRAL Dutch Bros is an excellent choice for those searching for a place with both good drinks and friendly company. Whether you drive through or walk up to the counter, you are sure to be met with a kind face accompanied by an enthusiastic personality. Last Friday,  the coffee shop held an event in … Continue reading Dutch Bros Donates Proceeds to Families of Lost GCU Students


Downtown Phoenix Shopping Center Getting a Bold New Look

BY: JORDAN ELDER Palm trees wrapped in lights tower over the outdoor patio. Frog fountains shoot water towards giggling children. The smell of freshly cooked food wafts around. People sit on benches among the flowers, talking and enjoying the serenity. However, this quiet space won’t be calm for much longer. Downtown Phoenix is constantly growing … Continue reading Downtown Phoenix Shopping Center Getting a Bold New Look

Dancing Into Business: Nathalie and Company

Dancing Into Business: Nathalie and Company By: Madeleine Holler In 2011, Nathalie Velasquez danced her way into business at the Shops at Norterra, located off the 1-17 and Happy Valley in North Phoenix. After her professional dance career ceased in her early years due to an injury, Velasquez found herself in a new role: a … Continue reading Dancing Into Business: Nathalie and Company

Downtown Phoenix Ambassadors

By: Caroline Veltman In this podcast, I interviewed Downtown Phoenix Ambassador, Guy Engard, and he describes how he began working with the company and why he chose this position. This podcast can be helpful to college students because it explains just exactly what 'the men in orange' do. By listening to this podcast, students at … Continue reading Downtown Phoenix Ambassadors

Local Phoenix Coffee Shops

This audio slideshow is a glimpse of four local coffee shops in downtown Phoenix. It highlights a local coffee shop owner on the Arizona State University downtown campus, Damian; the owner of City Central Coffee. This video includes the coffee shops Cartel Coffee, Kaleidoscope, The Grand Central Coffee Co., and City Central Coffee. Trying out each of … Continue reading Local Phoenix Coffee Shops

Hole in the Rock

By: Nisa Ayral If you want to branch out from seeing movies and getting dinner, venturing out to Hole in the Rock is the perfect date destination. You and your significant other will experience a beautiful view of the City of Phoenix as well as the Phoenix Zoo. The hike (if you can even call it … Continue reading Hole in the Rock

Phoenix Music Scene

BY: NISA AYRAL After a long week of studying, students seek a way to escape their textbooks and have fun. What better way to do this than jumping around, singing and dancing along to music with your friends? The Phoenix music scene is never lacking, which makes finding concerts to attend an easy task for a … Continue reading Phoenix Music Scene