Look here for all of the best locations to visit with FRIENDS in the Phoenix area:


Doggie Days Adoption Festival at Steele Indian School Park


The Doggie Days Adoption Festival is an annual event that occurs in Steele Indian School Park. Local rescue centers bring their puppies out to play and hopefully find forever homes. People can pet and play with the dogs during the day, and a big bell is rung every time a dog gets adopted. Here are a few photos from this year’s event:

Arizona Center Renovations


The Arizona Center in Downtown Phoenix is getting a makeover! Right now it is a hotspot for visitors, but once renovations are finished in October 2017, it will be a hotspot for tourists and locals alike.

Valet parking and an additional parking structure will help ease the flow of traffic getting into the center, as well all make it easier for people to stop and walk through.

Arizona Real Estate Magazine describes the renovations as an effort to “take the current introverted space and open it to the surrounding streets and the urban neighborhood, creating a more interactive and spontaneous experience that connects to the existing fabric of downtown Phoenix.”

This will be accomplished by adding new shops and restaurants as well as revamping the current tenants. New meeting spaces and educational facilities will also be constructed. The goal is to turn the Center into a fun place to visit for all ages.

Bring a date to the Arizona Center to see a movie at the AMC Theater, have a sit down dinner at one of the many restaurants, play in the fountains and new grassy areas or enjoy a shopping trip.

Here is a photo slideshow with more details on the renovation:

Phoenix Coffee Shops


This audio slideshow is a glimpse of four local coffee shops in downtown Phoenix. It highlights a local coffee shop owner on the Arizona State University downtown campus, Damian; the owner of City Central Coffee.

This video includes the coffee shops Cartel Coffee, Kaleidoscope, The Grand Central Coffee Co., and City Central Coffee. Trying out each of these coffee shops is a must for college students!



Phoenix Music Venues


After a long week of studying, students seek a way to escape their textbooks and have fun. What better way to do this than jumping around, singing and dancing along to music with your friends?

The Phoenix music scene is never lacking, which makes finding concerts to attend an easy task for a friend group. If there is a specific band or artist you and your friends love, you may have to wait for them to come to Phoenix on their specific tours. However, if you’re just looking for any concert to attend, you can check the schedules of nearby venues.

Infographic (JMC 305).png

Where one music venue fails in a certain area, another venue makes up for it. It all depends on personal preference in terms of venue capacity and set up. Some people prefer general admission standing concerts, whereas others prefer an assigned seat.

Matthew Jorgensen is an avid concert attendee with all the ins and outs of music venues in and around Phoenix. His immense knowledge is highlighted in the following podcast.

Interested in attending a concert now? Before you have the night of your life, there are a few steps to must follow to ensure the best concert experience possible. Check them out below.

Making the Perfect Popsicle


In this explainer video, students will learn how to make the perfect popsicle at an affordable price. These strawberry buttermilk popsicles take little to no time to make.

Every product use to make these popsicles can be found at a local grocery store and you can even make the popsicles in your dorm room!

Safe Student Activities in Phoenix


With tons of locations to eat at in the downtown area, students may feel overwhelmed. Here are four locations students living on the downtown campus recommended and why, along with four activities students living in Taylor Place participate in. Whether it is indoor, outdoor, shopping or dining there are several things for students to do to avoid boredom.