Look here for all of the best DATE locations in the Phoenix area:


Hole in the Rock

By: Nisa Ayral

If you want to branch out from seeing movies and getting dinner, venturing out to Hole in the Rock is the perfect date destination. You and your significant other will experience a beautiful view of the City of Phoenix as well as the Phoenix Zoo. The hike (if you can even call it that) is easy, so it’s more fun than it is tiring.

The Arizona Center

BY: Jordan Elder

The Arizona Center in Downtown Phoenix is getting a makeover! Right now it is a hotspot for visitors, but once renovations are finished in October 2017, it will be a hotspot for tourists and locals alike.

Valet parking and an additional parking structure will help ease the flow of traffic getting into the center, as well all make it easier for people to stop and walk through.

Arizona Real Estate Magazine describes the renovations as an effort to “take the current introverted space and open it to the surrounding streets and the urban neighborhood, creating a more interactive and spontaneous experience that connects to the existing fabric of downtown Phoenix.”

This will be accomplished by adding new shops and restaurants as well as revamping the current tenants. New meeting spaces and educational facilities will also be constructed. The goal is to turn the Center into a fun place to visit for all ages.

Bring a date to the Arizona Center to see a movie at the AMC Theater, have a sit down dinner at one of the many restaurants, play in the fountains and new grassy areas or enjoy a shopping trip.

Here is a podcast detailing what current Downtown Phoenix residents would like to see out of the makeover:

Here is an infographic for a visual interpretation of the construction project: