Even Stevens: A Sandwich Shop With a Cause

BY: CAROLINE VELTMAN In this video, you will be able to see how what began as a local sandwich shop in Salt Lake City, Utah spread all the way to Arizona in order to insight change.   See how buying just one sandwich could be a start to end world hunger.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eDMGf_nAtQ&t=20s    


Activities for Students in Downtown Phoenix

By: Caroline Veltman   With tons of locations to eat at in the downtown area, students may feel overwhelmed. Here are four locations students living on the downtown campus recommended and why, along with four activities students living in Taylor Place participate in.   Whether it is indoor, outdoor, shopping or dining there are several things for … Continue reading Activities for Students in Downtown Phoenix

The Perfect Popsicle

In this explainer video, students will learn how to make the perfect popsicle at an affordable price. These strawberry buttermilk popsicles take little to no time to make. Every product used to make these popsicles can be found at a local grocery store and you can even make the popsicles in your own dorm room! … Continue reading The Perfect Popsicle

Downtown Phoenix Ambassadors

By: Caroline Veltman In this podcast, I interviewed Downtown Phoenix Ambassador, Guy Engard, and he describes how he began working with the company and why he chose this position. This podcast can be helpful to college students because it explains just exactly what 'the men in orange' do. By listening to this podcast, students at … Continue reading Downtown Phoenix Ambassadors

Local Phoenix Coffee Shops

This audio slideshow is a glimpse of four local coffee shops in downtown Phoenix. It highlights a local coffee shop owner on the Arizona State University downtown campus, Damian; the owner of City Central Coffee. This video includes the coffee shops Cartel Coffee, Kaleidoscope, The Grand Central Coffee Co., and City Central Coffee. Trying out each of … Continue reading Local Phoenix Coffee Shops