City Lights Movie Nights at CityScape

By: Jordan Elder

Downtown Phoenix is traditionally seen as a nightlife destination for adults, but every second Friday of the month, it becomes an outdoor theater for children. City Scape, a popular shopping and restaurant district in the middle of downtown located next to the Talking Stick Resort Arena, offers up the street that runs through its middle for these events and calls them “City Lights Movie Nights.”

Volunteers lay square pieces of turf over the pavement to create a makeshift park, and the Total Sound Production company arrives early to set up the big screen. Kelly Saunders, the mastermind behind these events, describes them as sustainable ways to bring the community together. It gives people of all ages a chance to enjoy the weather, experience Downtown Phoenix in a safe way and watch movies for free.

The movie being shown on the night the slideshow took place was Disney’s Home, which Saunders says promotes the idea of sustainability because it focuses on keeping the planet clean so that all creatures can live on it.


Visit to see the full list of movie nights for 2017 as well as the map showing you exactly where to locate the festivities.



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